Data Risk Management in Financial Services

Data is at the heart of financial crime prevention

Remediating customer information manually requires huge operational effort and cost. Pioneering automated financial crime solutions from Campion Willcocks, using data intelligence and smart business rules, are a cost-efficient way to embed risk controls and event triggers. These flexible data-agnostic solutions leverage internal and external data, enabling automated, risk-based KYC reviews, both at onboarding and as a back book solution.

Cutting edge KYC solutions through utilising machine learning and AI

Powerful workflow management solutions to manage case reviews through the entire KYC lifecycle

E-checklists to aggregate customer information for file reviews

Automation to improve operational efficiency and eliminate manual input

Automated portfolio monitoring for OKYC periodic review scheduling

Customisable MI dashboards based on key performance metrics

Technology solutions that align to current regulatory considerations, e.g. GDPR

Portfolio Monitoring: The benefits

Combine data from multiple legacy systems and approved external sources

Automated identification of high risk customers and events in a timely manner

Up to date knowledge of portfolio risk

Automated identification and verification of nature of business, UBOs and Key Principals

Automated KYC reports

Automated monthly monitoring of the portfolio and risk rating of events to automatically prioritise customers who need to be reviewed urgently

Case Studies

Automated portfolio monitoring

Campion Willcocks was asked to build a bespoke automated portfolio monitoring system for a UK Tier 1 bank, in order to monitor global multinationals, smaller companies, retail business banking and retail customers, including trigger alerts for real-time risk management.

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Review of a global bank’s transaction monitoring solution

Campion Willcocks was asked to review the existing transaction monitoring solution for a global bank, and to make recommendations for enhancements and/or system change.

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Advised a new digital first bank on their financial crime solution

Campion Willcocks SMEs were asked to advise on the design of end-to-end financial crime processes for a new digital bank. The challenge was to create a fully automated solution, which would enable customers to open bank accounts within three minutes.

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