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Portfolio Monitoring Services

Portfolio monitoring services that analyse high risk customers – We provide an automated solution to portfolio compliance

Ongoing AML regulations require financial institutions to have appropriate controls to review and monitor customers who pose a high risk of financial crime. One of the key challenges is to identify, verify and monitor customer information, especially for those customers that were on-boarded before the new risk models were developed.

We have designed, developed and implemented automated financial crime solutions based on data intelligence and smart business rules, enabling automated KYC reviews for the majority of business customers.

With a bespoke build, feeds from any legacy systems can be combined with approved external data sources to monitor the full portfolio. High risk events and triggers are automatically identified for manual review, allowing resource to focus on high risk activity, while low and medium risk customers can be processed automatically, in line with a defined risk based approach that meets regulatory approval.

The benefits

Automated identification of high risk customers and events in a timely manner

Accurate adverse media, PEP, sanctions and fraud screening with automated intelligence-led matching to significantly reduce false positives

Prioritisation of reviews to align to risk appetite and resource constraints

Up to date knowledge of portfolio risk

Automated identification and verification of nature of business, UBOs and Key Principals

Accurate customer risk rating undertaken on a monthly basis using your internal risk rating model

Automated KYC reports covering internal policy requirements

Automated identification of customer data alignment/discrepancies

Automated monthly monitoring of the portfolio and risk rating of events to automatically prioritise customers who need to be reviewed urgently

Enables an assessment of risk at a customer, portfolio or typology level

Case Studies

Automated portfolio monitoring

Campion Willcocks was asked to build a bespoke automated portfolio monitoring system for a UK Tier 1 bank, in order to monitor global multinationals, smaller companies, retail business banking and retail customers, including trigger alerts for real-time risk management.

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