Expert Area

Corporate Intelligence Services in London

What we do:

We provide strategic level intelligence for major commercial decisions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As), joint ventures (JVs), partnerships and new market entry

We help clients identify, address and mitigate inherent risks to ensure transactions proceed with minimal disruption

We help clients protect their financial and reputational health by providing money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions and political exposure investigations

How we do it:

Our team is skilled in their approach to research and have experience accessing public records, legal filings, corporate registries and open-source databases

We have access to a global network of sources, giving us the ability to obtain information from virtually any jurisdiction

We have local language specialists and have a comprehensive understanding of local cultures and business practices

Case Studies

Bringing true diligence to due diligence

A financial services company approached Campion Willcocks because it was unhappy with its current due diligence provider. The company was planning an investment in a European asset management firm, and did not feel like it had the requisite clarity and confidence to proceed with the planned investment based on the information from its current provider.

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Enhanced due diligence on a key hire

A nominated advisor wanted to avoid the potential for reputational and financial damage by undertaking an enhanced due diligence report on a potential new board member of its client company. The board member had seemed ‘too good to be true’ and had already been approved by internal due diligence checks.

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Tracing the assets of a sensitive PEP

Our client suspected that a person of interest had undeclared and/or hidden assets. The Campion Willcocks team was tasked with verifying the subject’s known assets as well as identifying any additional assets that the target may have intentionally hid from our client.

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