Expert Area

AML Health Check

Complimentary AML framework review for small and medium-sized companies

We have developed a unique service designed to provide a complimentary high-level AML health check against regulatory requirements and industry best practice, documented in a report with prioritised recommendations for improvement. We are then able to support the client as they work through the recommendations or conduct further investigation into specific areas. A more detailed review can be costed and provided on request.

Key activities include:

Review of a client’s current AML policies and procedures including Governance Structures, Risk Assessment and Due Diligence processes, Transaction Monitoring and Training provisions

Meetings with key personnel in order to understand the compliance culture of a client’s business, identifying AML controls currently in place and address existing queries

Assessment of a client’s reporting process and record keeping

Following the initial review, we will provide clients with a Health Check Report that identifies any gaps in current AML policies and procedures. Recommendations will be made in line with best practices and in line with a client’s business model, risk appetite and budgetary considerations.