Review of a global bank’s transaction monitoring solution

Transaction Monitoring

Review of a global bank’s transaction monitoring solution


Campion Willcocks was asked to review the existing transaction monitoring solution for a global bank, and to make recommendations for enhancements and/or system change.


Campion Willcocks conducted a deep dive of the transaction monitoring systems in each location, including reviewing upstream (system configuration) and downstream (investigative processes) operations. We also reviewed the alerts being generated and the risk model employed for the system design.


We recommended a major overhaul of the systems to a much simpler, and cheaper, alternative provider. The new provider was far more flexible, included AI-driven components, and had far superior case management functionality.

Why CW Compliance?

Our consultants have worked for numerous banks on their transaction monitoring and surveillance systems. This includes working with all the key vendors operating in the market. We are able to provide impartial and independent on advise on the suitably of existing systems.