Rapid response team repaired high-risk corporate files

BAU Support

Rapid response team repaired high-risk corporate files


Following an internal audit review, this bank required expert support and practical assistance to rectify serious thematic failings that had been identified in complex high risk corporate files.


Campion Willcocks rapidly mobilised and deployed a highly qualified specialist team to repair failings identified in the internal audit. The Campion Willcocks team worked to maintain high quality whilst adhering to the aggressive audit deadlines.


This highly focused and time-sensitive exercise ensured that all areas of concern identified in the audit were repaired and fully closed off by the required internal deadline. The bank did not have sufficient internal resources with the required skillset to complete the high volume of work and Campion Willcocks was able to fill this gap with its own experienced members of staff.

Why CW Compliance?

The client was aware of Campion Willcocks’ international reputation and noted expertise in resolving complex issues.