Overseeing periodic reviews of a major UK bank

Overseeing periodic reviews of a major UK bank


This UK Tier 1 bank required assistance for their periodic review programme for small corporate and SME commercial customers. The project required end-to-end design and implementation, as well as engagement with frontline teams across the UK, necessitating flexible, semi-autonomous teams able to travel to remote client sites.


Campion Willcocks specialists performed the required reviews and additionally helped to improve the client’s internal standards. The team automated significant components of the process, drawing on proprietary data-driven solutions. The team also provided in-depth training, support and engagement to frontline teams to ensure efficient completion of reviews.


The customer population was fully remediated within the internal deadline. In addition, the existing BAU operating processes were rebuilt to be driven by automated monitoring tools.

Why CW Compliance?

Campion Willcocks was already known to the bank for its expertise in financial crime projects. The bank was aware of Campion Willcocks’ expertise in designing and implementing financial crime solutions based on data intelligence, and sought to use this experience for its automated KYC reviews.