Deep dive on a major bank’s PEP population

Financial Crime Projects

Deep dive on a major bank’s PEP population


This large UK banking group approached Campion Willcocks for analysis on its PEP (Politically Exposed Person) population and an approach to enhanced monitoring.


The Campion Willcocks team completed an in-depth review of the group’s PEP population, building a PEP risk model and prioritising sensitive clients. Following the analysis, certain PEPs required additional source of wealth information to be gathered. The output included a cleansed dataset and a future schedule for monitoring retained customer relationships, which greatly enhanced the banks visibility of their PEP portfolio.


The data enrichment work included identifying additional PEPs and PEPs by association. Campion Willcocks also assisted with the creation of an ongoing PEP monitoring tool in a centralised database management with segregated approval profiles.

Why CW Compliance?

The banking group had previous experience of working with Campion Willcocks, and acknowledged its deep experience and proven expertise working globally in performing enhanced due diligence on high risk customers.