Bringing true diligence to due diligence

Bringing true diligence to due diligence


A financial services company approached Campion Willcocks because it was unhappy with its current due diligence provider. The company was planning an investment in a European asset management firm, and did not feel like it had the requisite clarity and confidence to proceed with the planned investment based on the information from its current provider.


The Corporate Investigations team used a combination of desk-based research as well as a network of local contacts and language sources to undertake a thorough review of the target company. The review focused on any issues of regulatory concern, political exposure and litigation. The team flagged previously unidentified political connections, as well as adverse information on one connected party.


Based on our work, the client requested several follow-up reports in order to further understand the potential issues. Additional intelligence allowed them to put the necessary controls in place so that the transaction could proceed.

Why CW Compliance?

The Campion Willcocks team has significant experience in conducting corporate investigations, anti-bribery and corruption investigations and asset tracing and recovery.